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The Latest Cinema and Exhibition Industry News for 09-03-2010

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Here are the news headlines for today, available at: http://ping.fm/0PtSI

There are a couple of notices I would like to draw your attention to, a projectionist training course at Shepherd's Bush Vue on 23rd of March and a hands-on event on May 22nd at the Newport cinema, an event which should be very interesting, details are below:

BKSTS CTC Projectionists Day Out, Newport

Venue: Clarence Place, Newport, Gwent, Wales, United Kingdom NP19 7AB
Time: 11:00am
Price: £7.50

Enjoy the chance to look around the burgeoning new cinema museum, before it offi cially opens, where you will be able to get ‘hands-on’ with a wide range of classic cinema equipment and to talk with friends and colleagues on a completely relaxed trip to South Wales. Come along and get involved!

Additional Info:
It is not often that those in the projection business can get together for long enough to talk about the business, to catch up on what is happening to old friends, and to generally ‘chew the fat’ about how things used to be and whether or not they will be getting better, so for some time the Cinema Technology Committee has been thinking about how to organise a day out that would appeal to as many people as possible. An article to be published shortly in Cinema Technology about Chris Plaister’s efforts with a team of volunteers at the old Odeon in Newport raised the suggestion, that Chris readily agreed to, that the Odeon Newport, packed as it is with a wide range of classic cinema equipment and memorabilia, would be an ideal venue for such a get-together. We have therefore arranged that Chris and his team will make the place open to Cinema Technology readers and friends from 1100 to 4pm on Saturday May 22nd. Attendees will be able to wander round at will and examine and touch many of the old projectors and the vast range of other cinema and TV equipment that has been assembled as the core of a potential cinema museum. The intention is for this to be a ‘fun day’ and certainly not a formal training course, but having all that equipment available, some of it working, will also give us the chance to put on some ‘educational’ events. For those who have attended our Projectionists’ Training courses this year it will also be a unique chance to get involved with ‘hands-on’ experience of some of the important topics that our lecturers covered during those courses and to see the recommended methods put into practice.
BKSTS CTC Projectionist Training Course, Shepherd's Bush Vue

23rd March 2010 Venue: VUE Cinema, West 12 Shopping & Leisure Centre, Shepherds Bush Green, London W12 8PP
Time: 9:30 am
Price: £7.50
For information, details on booking and an outline of the course then please follow the link.


AMC enhanced theatre experience - AMC Theaters has announced a new way for movie goers to experience films on the big screen with the AMC Enhanced Theatre Experience (ETX).
Source: Disneydreaming.com

Exclusive Report Vue Westfield - The history of cinema exhibition is as interesting as the product it screens. Humble in its origins, much like the art itself, exhibition spaces didn’t necessarily change with the times. This was allowed up to a certain point, then the medium began to force the changes. In the early days films were shown in fleapits, musical halls and country fairs. By the 1930s there were grand structures devoted to luxury and opulence. In 2010, they are multi-faceted entertainment venues situated in shopping malls.
Source: cinema-and-movie.com

Will 3D see off Cumbrias smaller cinemas? - Even on the printed page, pictures from the mind-boggling new film version of Alice In Wonderland look breathtaking.
Source: Newsandstar.co.uk

Ipswich Film Theatre set to re-open - IPSWICH: The towns film theatre is set to reopen by early summer, it can be revealed today.
Source: Eveningstar.co.uk

St Albans cinema purchase appeal enters final days of fundraising - CINEMA entrepreneur James Hannaway has admitted he has just days now to find the remaining £75,000 he needs to buy the old Odeon building in St Albans.
Source: hertsad.co.uk

DCM ties up with Universal for launch of new media offering - Cinema sales house Digital Cinema Media, is partnering with Universal Pictures UK and MyMovies.Net to launch its ’From The Red Carpet’ show.
Source: marketingweek.co.uk

Will 3D change cinema for ever? - The Observer conversation: James Camerons Avatar is the biggest box office draw in history and is expected to triumph at the Oscars on Sunday. But how much of its success is due to the fact it was shot entirely in 3D? Bloggers discuss what the technology might mean for the future of entertainment.
Source: The Guardian

Vue Entertainment outsources IT Support & Service Management across its cinema estate to Retail Assist - Vue Entertainment, one of the UKs premier cinema chains, has outsourced the management of user support and technical service management in its head office and across its 69-strong cinema estate to Retail Assist. It is a milestone for Retail Assist, marking the companys entry into the leisure sector.
Source: it-director.com

Record spending at the cinema - JAMAICANS spent a record $299.5 million at the cinemas over six-months to December 2009 which was 32 per cent more year-on-year due to blockbusters including Avatar and price increases.
Source: jmaicaobserver.com

Final thousands needed to purchase former St Albans cinema - AMBITIOUS plans to restore the Odeon cinema back to its former glory are slowly edging closer to reality.
Source: St Albans Review

Cinema screens pledge for plan - State-of-the-art 3D digital cinema will come to Oswestry if timber firm Richard Burbidge Ltd wins the four-way battle to build the town’s new supermarket, developers revealed today.
Source: Stropshire Star

Sonic & Cinedigm ink deal for phase 2 deployment plan of Digital Cinema systems - Sonic Equipment Company has inked an arrangement with Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp through which exhibitors signing on to Cinedigm’s Phase 2 digital cinema deployment plan may use Sonic for sales, service and installation.
Source: Businessofcinema.com

Cinemas in Girona to emphasize alternative entertainment - Girona cinemas will debut with the idea of programming preferably "Catalan, Spanish and European original versions dubbed into Catalan" said Francesc Felipe.
Source: arcelonreporter.com

Zhang Yimou: China needs more cinemas - As a CPPCC member, the renowned director Zhang Yimou proposed with five other film directors that more cinemas should be built in small and medium sized cities in China.
Source: Peoples Daily Online

Phone request leads to stabbing in Los Angeles cinema - A MAN was stabbed in the neck with a meat thermometer after he asked a woman to turn off her mobile phone at a cinema in Lancaster, Los Angeles.
Source: heraldsun.com.au

Technicolor and Bow Tie Cinemas pact to deploy Technicolor 3D - Technicolor has reached an agreement with Bow Tie Cinemas to install Technicolor 3D in all Bow Tie locations on 25 of its 150 screens.
Source: businessofcinema.com

GDC delivers server upgrade for Series 2 DLP Cinema projectors - Digital-cinema company GDC Technology is introducing the S2 upgrade for all SA-2100 digital-cinema servers, the first servers to be commercially deployed with the new generation of Series 2 DLP Cinema® projector.
Source: FilmJournal

Cinema dream in St Albans inches to go - LESS than £30,000 is needed to make the cinema dream in St Albans a reality.
Source: 0
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